Hans-Wilhelm Eckert: Storytelling with data

Gaining insights, developing a strategy and taking corporate communications to a new level

Springer Gabler 2022

Storytelling with data

This book shows the role data plays for communication and marketing and how it can be used as an important source for storytelling. Because data, as a raw material of the digital age, drives corporate strategy. Provided it is collected, interpreted and processed properly, it gives new and sometimes surprising insights into contexts and offers the opportunity to develop exciting stories from it. Stories that also create relevance with regard to corporate goals, spark dialog and make communication effective.

The author explains in an easy-to-understand way how data-based communication strategies can be transformed into gripping stories. He also provides useful tools and shows why data can lie, how important its visual processing is, where its use meets ethical limits and why data protection is also a business opportunity. Using practical examples, the book offers marketing and communication experts – but also interested managers from other disciplines – numerous inspirations and new perspectives.

Dealing with data is one of the core competencies of our digital age. And it has long since ceased to be the domain of computer science, but needs to build bridges to other disciplines. In his book, Hans-Wilhelm Eckert shows the role that data plays in communication and marketing and how it becomes an important source of storytelling.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Boes

Member of the Board of Directors of the Bavarian Institute for Digital Transformation (bidt), Board of Directors ISF Munich


  • Storytelling with data: The oracle principle
  • Storytelling in the digital age: stories, narratives and epidemics
  • From the question to the data: Why am I relevant? To whom am I relevant? Which topics are relevant?
  • From data to story: visualization – basics, tools and best practice
  • Fair play: What counts in data stories – False certainties and deliberate manipulation – Machine bias – Data literacy

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