It’s only when we make it talk that it starts to work.

Because people think in stories, not columns of numbers. I help organisations drive change and growth by combining storytelling and data.

Storytelling needs data.

Data provides context and opens up new perspectives. So you can break new ground and take your audiences with you.

Data needs storytelling.

Data can’t move mountains. But the stories it tells can. Storytelling gives your data the power to make a difference.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

  • Use storytelling to enhance the relevance and impact of your research findings.
  • Translate the findings of the analysis for representatives of other departments.
  • Foster a culture of data-driven thinking and action across your business.
  • Put patterns and trends into a context that is relevant to decision-makers.

Internal communication

  • Use data to provide new insights into your company.
  • Manage change with insights from your data.
  • Create stories that inspire your teams and emphasise what they’re doing.

Communications, Marketing & Sales

  • Strengthen your brand across geographies and cultures with insights from new data sources.
  • Use data to better understand your audiences. Find powerful stories that drive engagement.
  • Discover patterns in your data to optimise campaigns and refine messages.

Organizational development

  • Bridge the gap between business goals and action with insights from data.
  • Turn data insights into stories that inspire action.
  • Create understanding for change and support organisational transformation.

How AI helps with storytelling

How can generative AI make storytelling more efficient? At the AI Marketing Day in Munich, Hans-Wilhelm Eckert showed how AI is being used in sports retail to develop compelling stories.

Hammer und Nagel

The hammer and the nail: how generative AI is narrowing our vision

The world is now dominated by Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI). Companies are eagerly deploying this technology for a wide range of applications, but this use-case inflation may be blinding us. The article looks at how GenAI leads us to think of every problem as a nail, when all we have is a hammer. We discuss the limitations of GenAI for tasks that require uniqueness and consistency, and emphasise the importance of choosing the right tools for different problems. It’s time to rethink our toolbox and make sure we don’t approach every problem with the same, not always appropriate, solution.

Why conspiracy narratives are not theories

In the maelstrom of conspiracy narratives: More and more people are ending up down the rabbit hole of alternative realities. Just as happened to Alice in Wonderland when she followed a rabbit down the tunnel and then fell deeper and deeper.

ChatGPT - The people's prompt

The People’s Prompt

ChatGPT – the AI you can touch. A report after one year.

Storytelling with Data

Many people have a misconception about data storytelling.

How to turn dry data into engaging stories? And to find the common thread in your own pile of figures, what do you need to look out for? Hans-Wilhelm Eckert explains. Wilma Fasola: Mr. Eckert, the topic of data storytelling is currently occupying many companies. Why...

AI blockbuster: ChatGPT beats them all

At the end of 2022, OpenAI made its AI chatbot ChatGPT available to the public. This allows anyone to try out for themselves what artificial intelligence is and what it can do. AI as self-awareness has attracted far more attention than all the major human-machine...

Why Storytelling Matters

TUM-Meetup Lecture Transcript Data has rapidly become an indispensable strategic asset at most organizations. Although the use of data is increasing dramatically, data storytelling remains poorly understood. As a result, many insights fail the last mile. They do not...

How data becomes stories

Every organisation has vast amounts of data. You just have to link them correctly. "Summertime and the livin' is easy" - George Gershwin's famous song from Porgy and Bess may be ringing in your ears these days. The sun is shining, the days are long, the nights are...