Books that have inspired my writing. A subjective selection. Everything else can be found in the bibliography of my book.

Effective data storytelling

Brent Dykes: Effective Data Storytelling, 2020

The latest book – apart from my own – on the subject of storytelling with data. Very vividly told and with a comprehensive look at the practical implementation of the data stories including visualizations.

Kahneman: Thinking Fast and Slow

Daniel Kahneman: Thinking, Fast and Slow, 2011

Humans are pattern seekers. We believe in a coherent world in which all things make sense and events are causally connected. We even recognize patterns in things that are statistically random. In his book, Kahneman opens our eyes to the pitfalls of our thinking.

Data-Driven Marketing

Lutz Klaus: Data-driven marketing and the human success factor, 2019

When looking at digitalization, the focus is far too often lost on people. Not so with Lutz Klaus. In his book, he makes it clear which key factors marketing professionals need in order to anchor digitalization in their company in the long term.

Weapons of Math Destruction

Cathy O’Neil: Weapons of Math Destruction, 2017

Cathy O’Neil impressively shows the dangers that lurk when decisions are made on the basis of data, for example when looking for a job, in the justice system or when accessing credit. It makes it clear how errors are amplified by data and how data can be misused.

Rosling: Factfulness

Hans Rosling: Factfulness, 2018

The Swedish doctor Hans Rosling has dedicated his entire life to the distortions of our perception. In Factfulness, he vividly illustrates how we are deceived by our instincts and how stories – including those based on data – can be retold.

Shiller: Narrative Economics

Robert Shiller: Narrative Economics, 2019

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the economist formulated his model, which sees stories as epidemics. Like viruses, they mutate, are more or less infectious and spread. He analyzes this using the stories of the gold standard, the American dream and Bitcoin, among others.