Many people have a misconception about data storytelling.

by | Nov 6, 2023

How to turn dry data into engaging stories? And to find the common thread in your own pile of figures, what do you need to look out for? Hans-Wilhelm Eckert explains.

Wilma Fasola: Mr. Eckert, the topic of data storytelling is currently occupying many companies. Why is that?

Hans-Wilhelm Eckert: Over the past few decades, many organisations have collected huge amounts of data – both internally and externally – and have begun to make important decisions based on specific metrics, in line with the “data-driven” approach. Whereas in the past, when precise information was not available, for example on purchasing behaviour or the target group for a product, ‘assumptions’ were made, today we rely on data that is sometimes more precise, sometimes less. But with this comes a kind of compulsion to justify: The figures themselves often do not justify the decisions based on them. You have to interpret them and then explain why you have come to this or that conclusion. This is where data storytelling comes in.